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is a problem solving service for the interior of your car…NOT valeting.

It is a proven, multi-stage system to successfully remove offending odours from vehicles, which may be caused by:

Dairy-based liquids




Bodily contact / fluids

|Valeting will only enhance the appearance of the interior. Proper odour removal requirees specialist equipment and products.

Masking an odour with a deoderiser will, at best, temporarily layer one odour with another one, and once the layered odour disappears you are back to square one.

\MicroCleanse is our exclusive , non-toxic product which chemically removes odours by eliminating the source, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

People and Pet-Safe formula

Detergent, enzyme and fragrance free

Meets EN standards

Continues to kill for up to 24 hours.


Ensures any remaining bacteria, mould spores or lingering odours are eliminated using commercial grade ozone generating equipment.

Ozone is 50 times more powerful than chlorine.

Kills bacteria up to 3000 times quicker.

The ozone gas penetrates every part of the interior including the air conditioning system, achieving a completely sterile environment.


A Full Interior cleanse ensures every area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to remove all traces of nicotine, pets and of course, the previous vehicle’s previous owner.

Headlining, doos pillars and seat belts

Windows, door panels, and boot

Dash, steering wheel and all contact items

Seats, carpets and floor mats

Air conditioning & ventilation (ozone treatment)

Once the vehicle has been cleansed we advise a full 24 hours to allow the interior to completely dry before use.


Odour bombs will not remove odours

Smoke can permanently damage fabric and plastics.

Valeting will not remove bacteria